Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jocelyn's birthday party

Ok! This really is the last thing about Jocelyn's birthday. Now you all know that she is loved :) I had no idea what I was getting myself into! I thought I would just have a few kids with some cake and ice cream. Simple, right? No, it's never simple when there's lots of little kids running around your house. Since I had myself convinced it was going to be so simple I didn't really start planning until 2 days before. Big mistake! Because I've never been so stressed out about a birthday party and I did it to myself, so now it seems funny. Once I started reading online on all the cute ideas for princess/prince parties I wanted to incorporate them into Jocelyn's party. Let's just say I was at Walmart way too long the night before! ha ha. Anyway, I tried to make it as simple as possible and just stuck with one big activity. We decorated princess tiaras and prince crowns as you can see in the pictures. Then we just ate cake and ice cream, opened gifts and took pictures on our homemade throne and then played outside. It ended up being a fun 2 hours for everyone!

Jocelyn and her cousin Noah

Jocelyn's cake (made by Ryan). She wanted a princess
cake, but we couldn't find a pan and Ryan didn't want to
attempt the 3-d princess yet.

Jocelyn getting ready to blow out candles!

Jocleyn lost in her first gift. ha ha!

A princess crown to go with her princess dress-up!

She loved the kitty purse filled with nail polish, lip gloss and
mini pens!

She took pictures with Jaden and all her friends on her "throne"

Ryan was really tired after decorating the cake for over 2 hours!
He rested on Jocelyn's new pillow.

Jocelyn got a new bike from us and grandma. Her knees
were up to the bars on her trike.

I guess after all that riding she was hot and tired!

All the kids in their tiaras and crowns.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Reston Zoo on Jocelyn's birthday!

We just gave Jocelyn and individual cupcake since her party is Saturday,
but she was really excited to have it!

This is what Jocelyn thought of getting near the donkey!

Jocelyn practicing beam (that could be scary :)

the beginning of the wagon ride

This is a typical response from Jocelyn to Jaden these days
and a typical face for Jaden if he's interested in something else!
(I think she wanted him to scoot over)

The animals were literally in the wagon with us, this was
as close to Africa as we are gonna get for a while, so it was
definately worth the money!

This is what Jacob thought of the whole ride

This is one of the rare moments Jacob was happy. He loves
to put on sunglasses!

Jocelyn always wondering where she got her brother!

Jacob once again, not so sure!

Cute little lamb.

Feeding the bottle to the goats was so fun for Jaden.

He was laughing hysterically!

Galen and Bonnie, Dad's boat, Joce's Birthday

Ryan's brother Galen got married in the Redlands temple!

Here we are at their open house in Virginia a week later.

Hiliarious! Jacob kept loosing his pants!

Jacob decided to walk the whole night! (not the norm)

A priceless Jacob face!

Jacob wearing Jaden's hat (and another one of his sweet faces)

Jaden sunbathing on the beach off the Potomac!

Jocelyn loves her "Nana" (my dad's wife)

It's a tradition that when we go out on my dad's boat everyone
collects sharks teeth. It sure keeps the kids busy!

Jocelyn got a princess dress-up from my dad!

Maybe this can capture how much she loves it!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


We don't have too much exciting to report lately. Ryan went to yet another brother's wedding in California for 5 days and we decided I would stay here. I didn't like that idea, but it was good since Jaden did get sick again!! Ugh! Poor Jaden has been sick with ear/throat infections since May. He is now getting surgery next Monday. He will get his tonsils and adenoids taken out and ear tubes put in (again). They say this will make him a new man and after being down for a week he can start school. So, this summer has turned out not to be too eventful, especially with me being pregnant and having 3 kids. I'm just not the on-the-go person I used to be at this current stage of life. I guess I shouldn't feel guilty since this is the time the kids probably won't remember. The plus side is that I've spent alot of time with Jaden reading and writing this summer. His reading has really improved. He can read at a 2nd grade level (if he's in the mood of course :) I guess we'll see what they say at school and where they place him.
Here are a few pictures from Ryan's birthday, etc.

Making Ryan's cake

Jacob loved it!

We decorated the cake with lots of sprinkles and love!

Ryan blew out all 29 candles in one breath!

Jacob does the funniest laugh right now. I have video (but can someone tell me how to put it on here?)