Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Latest and Greatest! HAPPY MARCH! (Already?!)

Jaden loves to take photos especially of himself (I refrained from posting the one he calls "snotty nose")

Jaden and Jocelyn love to play "bad guys" lately. They wanted to be robots this week. Jaden made sure to make his "bad guy" face.

Jocelyn loves her preschool group. One of her best friends Kyler is missing from the picture.

Jacob really loves to clap and just learned last week!

We have all been busy this week still crossing many milestones everyday. Every night I kiss the kids and say "I love you" in their ears (Hey, I believe in the osmosis thing I guess). I look at them and treasure how precious it is to have them right now as babies. These moments are so fleeting and this is what we must remember through all the stress and busyness!

Everyone has been sick with a cold and Jacob went to the doctor and has an ear infection! He's been miserable and whiny all week (abnormal for this happy go lucky guy). We got him on antibiotics and now we're changing yucky diapers every 30 minutes ( I think I'll take him off those)

Jaden got sent home from school on Friday because he was so congested. His teacher said he just plopped his backpack down and roamed the room in a daze. They knew he wasn't feeling well, but we still managed to go to his school that night for Bingo. It was intense since we had 5 cards going at once. We ate pizza and treats and the kids won prizes a few times. It was a pretty exciting night out for me I must admit (Are you thinking that I need to get out more, maybe so)

Today just sweet little Jocelyn and I went to church and now I am going to go cut, cut, cut because I'm in a FHE packet group and they are due Thursday. The only problem is that the person who took over my group has set such a high level of expectation that there are literally people sick they are so stressed out about it. ugh! I will definately head a new group in the summer. High quality still, but more lessons!

Family home evening makes me and the kids so happy! They love it! I love being able to give them quality lessons from my heart and the hearts of other great mothers!

Hope you enjoy and visit again soon!