Sunday, February 17, 2008

Forgot to post balloon pictures!

Got it!

This is the silent version, minus the screams!

uh oh, where'd it go?

Valentines Day - hope you had a great one!

Hope all of you had a great day and got all of the lovin you deserve!! I just want you to know that I love all of you, so Happy Valentines Day from the Hulings! Thanks for your loving comments so far. I can't tell you how much it eases my mind to hear from all of you!

For Valentine's Day Jocelyn, Jacob and I went to Pizza Hut with Ryan for lunch. I also went to Jaden's school to help out for a while and eat lunch with him. He got to pass out all of his Valentines in bags that were set up on a table. He sure was excited to bring that bag of candy home! While I was out, Ryan came in and put 18 long stem roses on the table for me. I was suprised when I got home. I gave him chocolate and that night we watched Lost. not much celebration, but you know how it can be with all of the family life.

Jaden had his 100th day at school celebration. I have posted the picture below. Since kindergarten started Jaden has learned to read, write, basic addition and subtraction, etc. He has been learning recently "two more than and two less than." He has a chart at school to help him with responsibility. It really motivates him and he's been earning extra computer time and lunch dates with Daddy.

Jacob in just another week can completely stand to the furniture and he now has 2 huge top teeth! It's been rough for him getting all these teeth at once and he's letting us know how he feels! I don't know if he's irritable because of that, but he's started to grunt very loudly to get what he wants. Oh no! He already knows how to do that? I have to curb that right away. He has decided he loves balloons (see below).

Jocelyn went over to a new girlfreinds house last week. She's not used to having many girlfriends. She's kind of a tomboy, since all she's ever known is Jaden and he's 100% boy. She did "dress-up" and learned about nail polish. She now wants to paint her nails and toes almost everyday. Oh, and mine too :)

Jaden wrote us a Valentine's Day Card and sent it from school. It's one of those that just melts your heart when you read it! I know that picture didn't turn out clear, so here is what it says. " Mom and Dad, I hope you have a good new year and a good day and also a good Valentine's Day. XOXOXO Jaden."

Jaden's 100th day school celebration certificate!

Jocelyn decided she needed to hold it too!

Jacob so excited as he's learning to climb stairs (he can make it up the first one now)

Hmm, I wonder if he's asking for a diaper change?

Jacob stands up now!

She never ceases to amaze him!

Jacob loves his new toy we got free from the gym!

Have a great week!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

What we are working on now

After realizing that we are in need of greater order, organization and responsibility in our home, Ryan decided we needed a Family theme. We have not finished it, but order and responsibility is what we have so far! We will keep you posted, no pun intended, when we finish the rest of this "Huling Family Theme."

Blog name

We are in the process of thinking of the perfect blog name and this is what we have now. A haven is a place of refuge or safety and that is what we want our home to be for all of us, a place where we can be set apart from the world! I like "haven" because it reminds me of Heaven, so I just think of our home and this blog as "our heaven or haven away from heaven!" We thoroughly hope that you enjoy it!

The Hulings, lately

I am just creating a blog and some of you viewing this might already know that I am not a very good blogger, but I needed another place besides my family site to have our current family happenings for my friends and other family. Everyone is doing well! Even though life is busy for us all, Jacob seems to be the most busy most recently. Just this week he started pulling himself up and managed to climb his first step. He is still pretty unsturdy and indicates he doesn't really know what to do once pulled up by saying "eh, eh, eh" in a grunting voice. I guess he is tired of his dirty days on the hardwood floor! He is getting so big and loves to participate in every meal with us! Jaden and Jocelyn can't get enough of him. It is so fun to watch them all interact. Jacob laughs at Jocelyn the most. Somehow she's able to entertain and make babies laugh, including Jacob's friends. Jocelyn is going through her very independent stage. Life is harder at home with her, without Jaden here to play with during the day. We did just find out that Jocelyn recently had mono. That could be to blame for all of her tiredness and weakness over the past few months. She is enjoying preschool twice a week and our mother/daughter relationship is growing. Jaden is progressing and becoming better all the time at Kindergarten. He is very intellectual, but has struggled with the routines and responsibilities expected of him. With a lot of motivation and a rewards program he is moving right along. Jaden can read now and he's a good writer too. He especially loves to draw and make anything out of paper. This week he got to have Daddy come to lunch as a reward for doing so well! Yeah Jaden! Ryan is very busy and gone most nights until 9 or 10 working. It is busy season for him, since he is an auditor. We are both staying active by playing church basketball! I am busy just being at home with the kids and running this household. I am also training for a half marathon in April with several of the girls in my relief society. It is the Charlottesville half marathon. For me it feels good to put my mind to doing something that is hard and seeing myself start to accomplish something that feels far out of reach for me. It is definitely good for my soul! I am still teaching at my gym once or twice a week. It is great to be paid to workout and I have a passion for it! It's so much fun!

Jacob, 10 months old!

Jocelyn, 3.5 years old!

Jacob learning how to pull himself up.
The bath is a real motivator for him

The kids trying to keep Jacob from tearing up the presents!

Jacob's sweet face! Wait till I show u the pics of Ryan as a baby!

Mary, our fitness director, took this of Kim and I training for the half marathon