Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jocelyn Turns 5!

I don't have a picture because Ryan has my phone and her grandma has the camera we used, but I will post. We tried to make it a fun day, but I will have to say I think it was the most humid. We went to Burke Lake park. I enticed Jocelyn with the idea of miniature golf. She's never done it before, so she was intrigued. They also have a little train that goes around the park and a carousel which we have done before! The kids seemed to enjoy it, but you could see the moisture in the air, just tiny barely visible raindrops of moisture. Jacob's long hair was soaked and the babies though interested in the action became a little squeemish. We ended up pickinicking behind the ice cream parlor on their tables, but it was hard to enjoy because we were all being chased by aggressive bees. Grandma had the idea to move us over by the train for cupcakes and that worked well, plus put us under greater shade. Grandma put on the icing right there, since she brought it and I made the cakes. We put a 5 candle on one and tricky candles on the rest. I just loved watching Jocelyn and the little 2 year olds blow out the candles a millilon times and the look of defeat on Jocelyn's face was priceless. She just couldn't understand why they wouldn't go out and she actually sat starting at them at a loss for words (or breath) I think there's a video clip I can link later? Anyway, my only baby girl is 5 now and will go to Kindergarten. I remember sitting up for hours making her birth announcement with the perfect poem that described just her. She's sweet and sassy, gently, and kind, She has strong mind and likes to share it and even though she's little when she wants to be heard she's the loudest! She is already a great mother as she demonstrates each day by helping her brothers. She's beautiful with those ice blue eyes and smile that steals the spotlight. She's more photogenic than me, she must get it from her Grandma Vogel. I can't believe she's five already. Tomorrow will come and she'll be ten. I don't want to think of it, but then again it only makes me better to realize how soon this time will pass...................

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Millions of Peaches, Peaches for me!!!

Jonas was kept content in the stroller with his peach

The kids loved eating the peaches right from the tree!

Jacob shows his genuine concern for others

Jaden's climbing skills come in quite handy here!

Jacob helped Jocelyn fill up the peach bags!

We had lots of fun a couple of weekends ago at Hartland orchard! This is the same place we went to pick apples last fall! It is a great family activity. The kids love picking, eating, seeing where the fruit comes from intrigues them and of course it encourages healthy eating habits! Right? Jaden was in the trees most of the time. Because of him we got the best peaches. After realizing the juiciness of these peaches, I even climbed up the trees to find the best ones. We ended up with about 4 pecks! I enjoyed it and had never been before and of course my brain started churning about jarring them and freezing them, making pie, jam, etc. but Ryan stopped me dead in my tracks and insisted that we'd eat all of them ourselves. Well we still have several and we eat at least a few everyday, so if any of you have any other bright ideas other than the obvious, let me know :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer Fun!

Chauncey and Jaden

From Left: Jaden, Kate,Jacob, Jackson, Chauncey, Jocelyn

Jocelyn and Jackson

Mel and Christina + 8!! (wow!)

Jackson and Jocelyn

I know I've been gone..........For a long time, but please don't give me a hard time, pretty please? I have been sick since the ski pic. It was really crazy and all surreal and actually I think it made me even crazier than I normally am (scary :)) Anyway, I am back on track and feeling so much better. I have been thinking about all of my friends and anxious to share our lives with you again! Life is so busy with 4 kids at home and Ryan gone working many long hours! We have lots of fun though hanging with all of our friends, pool hopping, relaxing at home, being adventurous with lots of berry picking, and now we go to the gym a few days a week. Well, I know that doesn't sound fun, but at least I can earn a few dollars and my kids can play at an awesome gym! I enjoy it and it makes me feel better! Aside from just playing (which is a lot of work, but so worth it!) we are just wondering what it will be like to have Jaden and Jocelyn both in school this fall and mom home with just 2 mello boys? Will I have more time? Will I be more sane? Will I miss them terribly (maybe partially). Having 4 kids is really crazy and exhausting sometimes, but I can't imagine another life more fun and fulfilling. I certainly can't imagine any other way for Heavenly Father to teach me all I need to know (boy does He have his hands full)

We hope all of you whom we love are happy and full and well!