Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Millions of Peaches, Peaches for me!!!

Jonas was kept content in the stroller with his peach

The kids loved eating the peaches right from the tree!

Jacob shows his genuine concern for others

Jaden's climbing skills come in quite handy here!

Jacob helped Jocelyn fill up the peach bags!

We had lots of fun a couple of weekends ago at Hartland orchard! This is the same place we went to pick apples last fall! It is a great family activity. The kids love picking, eating, seeing where the fruit comes from intrigues them and of course it encourages healthy eating habits! Right? Jaden was in the trees most of the time. Because of him we got the best peaches. After realizing the juiciness of these peaches, I even climbed up the trees to find the best ones. We ended up with about 4 pecks! I enjoyed it and had never been before and of course my brain started churning about jarring them and freezing them, making pie, jam, etc. but Ryan stopped me dead in my tracks and insisted that we'd eat all of them ourselves. Well we still have several and we eat at least a few everyday, so if any of you have any other bright ideas other than the obvious, let me know :)


Lara said...

That looks like fun. I need to bring my family fruit picking soon too. We usually do raspberries in August, but I'm thinking those peaches look REALLY tasty right about now!

Just so you know, Jaden has rock star status in our house (especially to Spencer) for being the king of climbing!

gretel and frank said...

Wish I had some of those peaches! We miss our tree from the last house. The pics with Melanie and kids are cute. Do they live nearby or was that a special visit?
Miss you all, of course.